May 15, 2008


The people I have told this story to think it is hilarious. But try being pregnant with a 7 month old and a 7 year old and a husband who acts like a 7 year old then you would be tired too!

I was on my way to work and my friend called me to ask me where my son was (I drop off Baboo at her house to catch the bus for school). I told her about his lasted affliction (poison something or other) and that he couldn’t go to school. We talked as I dropped Beebo off at his caregiver and went on my way to work. I sat in the car and we talked for a minute. I told her I had to go and she said, “WAIT!” So I sat there and she said she would see me later so I said, “Bye” again and she said, “I’m not talking to you.”

So I asked, “Who are you talking to?”

She said, “What?” (I swear I thought I was in a weird rendition of “Who’s on First?”)

But eventually I got off the phone and went to work in the Land of the Dense.

I puttered away 9 hours of my life and was ready to run at 4:30. My boss walked up to my doorway and started telling me about this and that for tomorrow’s schedule and I lost track of what he was saying because I wasn’t able to find my keys in the bottom of my purse. I murmured my responses to him and he nodded and went about his business.

I then dumped my purse on my desk to weed through the gum wrappers and tampons (why in the hell are those still in there), receipts and pens and found no keys.

So I looked in my desk drawers and pockets of my jacket and my sweater. NOTHING!

So I wondered to the bathroom thinking I put them in my pocket and they fell out on one of my many bathroom visits and they weren’t there.

So I figured they were laying in the car seat because I missed my purse when I went to drop them in.

I went out to my car and opened the car door and was nearly knocked over by the heat that radiated out of the car. I looked inside and the thermostat on the dash said 102. I looked around for my keys and saw they were in the ignition. I then went to turn on my car to get the AC going to get rid of the heat.

This is how slooooow I am.

First of all, I should have realized the thermostat can’t be read unless the car is running.
Second, the car was so hot because the defrost was on high heat when I got out of the car.
Third, the radio was playing.

Needless to say I left my keys in the ignition with the car running for 9 ½ hours with gas nearly $ 4.00 gallon! I almost cried. No one noticed. Not the guy who parked next to me (he could have and just not said anything- to me he is that guy at work that makes you wonder). Not anyone parked around me.

I can’t wait to sleep again. I guess I can in about 10 years.

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Irishembi said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! OMG let me catch my breath, no wait....HAhahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!

OK I know it's not nice to laugh at a pregnant woman. But really I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you.

You're laughing too right? RIGHT?

No really someone in the Feb. '07 Mommies just did this too so you're not alone.

AHAHAHA! Oh Holy shit I'm sorry to keep laughing. I'm just amazed it wasn't ME this time!